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Rede von Herdolor Lorenz, Repräsentat des Filmprojektes “Wer rettet wen?”, der Organisation, die den Public Eye Jury Award Gewinner 2013 Goldman Sachs nominiert hat herdolor Public Eye k

“I'm a documentary filmaker. And in the last years I could hear in Germany often: "Why do we have to bail out these lazy Greeks?" And so on. Other people anticipate that something is going seriously wrong. They feel helpless, because they do not understand the billion Euro game. In this situation we started a new film project “Who Is Saving Whom? How we are paying for the risks of the financial market”. One task of this film will be to show, what´s the real story in Greece:

 In 1999, Greece was first not allowed to attain EURO membership. Public debt was too high. To overcome this obstacle, Lucas Papademos, CEO of the Greek Central Bank, organised a "tour de force". Three banks led by Goldman Sachs offered additional billions of loans to the state that did not appear in the state budget: Future profits from motorway tolls and airport taxes and the state lottery were "traded away" for these loans. Additional debts were transferred as long-term loans to the Greek Central Bank via the letterbox company Titlos. In this way, Papademos managed to magically reduce the public debt . And so the country was able to join the Eurozone with a big round of applause from the banks. Of course this was cheating. But the "swindler" in cahoots with Goldman Sachs Papademos after that became the ECB's vice-president

 The hidden debt appeared once again since 2007, though highly increased and the rescue started. Later President Papandreou announced a referendum on the "rescue package". But that appeared to risky for the Troika of EU, ECB and IMF. They urged Papandreou to resign and replaced him by Lucas Papademos, the swindler in cahoots with Goldman Sachs. He was presented as a "technocrat" and took the oath of office outside the parliament, in absence of Members of Parliament, with his right hand on the bible. The orthodox bishop Ieronymos of Athens, whose church does not pay any taxes, sang “the Lord have mercy”.

 Mister Papademos now had another difficult task: The Greek public debt was still the risk of international financial corporations. But the "markets" were already betting on Greece's bankruptcy. So the banks didn't like sitting on their treasure of Greek debt. They could become worthless in a meltdown. Mister Papademos calmed down the banks. When he left office, the risk of the Greek debt - 240 billion Euro - was simply “handed over” from banks to the taxpayers. Every hour, this amount increases by 10 million Euros.

The billions of "aid" were made private wealth. And the country was economically driven to the abyss.

 Another crisis from which Goldman Sachs has already profited handsomely and will continue to do so: Greece owes the bank 400 million per year until 2037, for a total of more than 10 billion dollars at the expense of European taxpayers.

 Goldman Sachs has an opaque and matchless network of allies such as ECB-chief Mario Draghi, the former ECB chief economist Issen, the president of the World Bank until 2012 Zoellick, the Italian Minister President Monti, the head of the Greek Debt Agency Christodulou, who founded the letterbox company Titlos. Merkels Economic Advisor Dibelius, the U.S. Ambassador in Berlin Murphy, three consecutive EU-Commissioners for competition, the US-Financeminister Paulson and so on.

This prize helps to acknowledge these facts and is an important milestone in the making of our new film “Who´s saving Whom?”. The prize will hopefully help to promote this film from below, financed by those, who want to see the film. So more people understand the “Billion Euro Game” and can raise their voices to stop such inacceptable and ruthless behavior of banks. We will contact Goldman Sachs and see, when and where they will accept the prize and, herein, their share of responsibility in the current crisis.



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