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The film "Who Is Saving Whom - The crisis as a business model at the expense of democracy and social security"

Films which challenge the reigning notions, which look over the shoulders of the powerful with a critical eye, now-a-days hardly have a chance to be financed in the traditional manner. "Who's Saving Whom?" was possible due to the help of thousands of committed citizens.


185.000,00 EURO
is the „Film promotion from down below“ which was the foundation on which the film was built

Thus a great and admirable film has been created. But now, it must be distributed throughout the world to be able to unfold its educational potential. Just the production of five further comprehensive language versions, has meant many further thousands of Euros of unplanned expenditure. We have now improved the chances that the film will be able to unfold its power and illuminate people all over the world. We therefore call on you to help “Who´s Saving Whom?” to reach all it's potential public.

7,880.00 Euro is up until now the sum of the „Distribution-support from down below“

which is helping us to get "Who´s Saving Whom?" to reach its public. With a donation of 20 € you will receive a DVD, and with 40 € you will get you a DVD with the rights to a non commercial staging of the film. Please definitely also send us an E-Mail with your name and your postal address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so that we can send you a DVD.

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