The concept of the film
We are being swamped with news telling us all about "weakening or disappointing markets", while they are still trading billions and trillions. Hardly anybody understands what is really going on - or how do the incredibly expensive rescue attempts (bailouts) affect us, everyone of us and the whole of society. Because of this, the criterion for every aesthetic and dramatic decision in making the film is an attempt to reduce the audience's fear of this complex topic and to lead the audience toward exciting discoveries. Always keeping firmly to the facts, we will strictly avoid presenting abstract knowledge. Each new circumstance derives from local situations. We experience abstract data in terms of their effects on actual people, percentages are given significance by their effects on the lives of individuals.

The activities of hedge funds with cash flows in the billions, the negotiations at ministerial tables... we will ask those involved to tell us all about it. We will also carry out interviews in front of a blue screen in order to use all the visual possibilities to promote understanding. As far as possible, scenes are filmed locally, and archive material and animations will additionally be used to explain complicated contexts in order to clarify or contrast what is being said. The interviews with the victims of the billion Euro poker are conducted in their usual surroundings wherever possible.

In each case, episodes follow visual narratives and soundtracks to provide both optical and acoustic links to the content. They especially offer time and space to mentally and emotionally digest the presented contexts.
Everywhere, the servant in the powerful and the saviour in the perpetrator will shine through just as the simple grows out of the complicated. The glitter and glamour of immeasurable wealth reflected in the constantly growing insecurity of people is the aesthetics of a film that wants to create understanding and encourage people to become involved.

We have shown that we are capable of presenting the most complicated contexts in readily understandable form for an audience of millions with our most recent film "Water Makes Money". "Who is Saving Whom" will have to provide a jolt for even more people in face of the danger of a crisis being aggravated by interested circles.Singapure Bankzentrum nah kl