The premiere of the film “Who's saving whom?" on Wednesday the 11th February 2015 was a terrific success.
The film debuted in many hundred film theaters and other venues in all of Europe to full and overflowing audiences with many exciting discussions.

„Who is saving whom?" is a bottom-up film. A film that belongs to all of us. A film that concerns all of us. This is why as many people as possible ought to see it as soon as possible at as many locations as possible. Let us now plan together for more such movie events!

We need your organisational support!

First of all, we would like to thank our up to over 2000 contributors from five countries as well the numerous organizations that supported us. Without their help, „Who is saving whom" could not be made! But in order to put the subject of the failed crisis management policy higher on the agenda and explain it with the help of the film, we need more than your monetary contribution, namely your organisational support. Let us now plan together for more such movie events!

Together we can achieve a lot!

Here you can see all the confirmed screenings of "Who's saving whom?" on a map or also as a list. Please let us know about screening we might not have added yet: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





The concept of as many decentralized movie screenings as possible as a means for political information and mobilization was successfully applied in our previous films „German railways coming up for auction" and „Water Makes Money". Many dedicated people, NGOs and citizens' initiatives were networking In the framework of numerous events. Local bases were created, leading to stimulated discussions. Many individual pieces thus lead to an important area-wide support for the movement against the privatisation of the German railways, as well as against the privatization of the water supply in Italy, Greece, Berlin and other places. These successes do reassure us!

Together we are strong!

Besides that, the power of the public view also protects us from imminent censorship: Already before the opening night of „Water Makes Money" we were tipped off that Veolia – one of the major private global water enterprise – would attempt to prohibit the screenings through an interim injunction. Public pressure and the commitment of many hundreds of dedicated people, active groups and citizens' initiatives could prevent this!

We hope that this film also has a similar effect!