Here comes the film!

DVD for everyone supporting the film and donating money

If you have been involved in supporting the making of the film „Who's saving whom?" already early on, you will receive your personal DVD of the film in time before the opening night. This includes a licence for non-commercial viewing on a location of your choice. If you plan a commercial event (with financial gains), please contact us for further arrangements.

At this point, we'd like to express our thankfulness to all who have contributed to the making of our film: through donations, helping with translations, providing us with accommodation facilities during the shooting of the film, through valuable information and many more. Our funding target - 175.000 euros of funding from below - has been achieved in October 2014. Nonetheless further donations are very welcome. They will be used to consolidate the funding and to cover additional costs, for translations and the promotion of the film in other European countries for instance.

DVD / Blu-ray-Disc with non-commercial licence for sale from February

Starting February, you may purchase copies of „Who's saving whom" here. If someone is absolutely unable to raise the money for the fees, we may individually agree to a lesser amount.

Film copy for movie theatre showings

For movie theatre showings where admission is charged, the fee is depending on size and financial resources of the cinema and the number of spectators. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for individual agreements.

In which languages is „Who's saving whom?" going to be available?

In addition to a German an English version of "Who Is Saving Whom?", a Spanish, French and Greek version will also be available as from the day of the opening night.