After the elections to the European parliament, the media briefly discussed the scare caused by the performance of the right wing parties and nationalists. But only for a short time. However, the victory of political parties in France (Front National), the UK (UK independence party) and Denmark (Danish people's party), which service nationalistic and racist prejudices would give enough grounds for a sense of alarm within the EU.

Nationalists take advantage of the antipathy evoked against the EU and the EURO

The common currency brought many countries of the so-called EU-periphery in a situation of economic defensive. Even a country like France faces these kinds of dangers vis-à-vis the German export industry. Previously, these country simply could devaluate their currency, resulting in the German imported good being more expensive and the local products relatively more affordable. The EURO now makes this impossible. During interviews for the film „Who is saving whom?" we heard this argument over and over, and not only from nationalists. Everywhere the bottom is falling out of local industries due to the pressure of competition. All over Europe, the scissors between rich and poor are opening faster and faster. Add to this the catastrophic austerity policy prescribed by the German government.In such an environment, the slogans of the nationalists fall on fertile ground. Xenophobia and rejection of the common currency are going hand in hand and are straightforward answers.

How can democrats counter such a disaster?

People that were hoping that a unified Europe would bring the peaceful co-existence of different nations and cultures? What can our answer be? Is the Euro only half as bad?

Marie le Pen should not be left to criticize the Euro!

The film "Who is saving whom?" intends to illustrate that the Euro has become especially a neoliberal instrument of the big multinationals and banks.

The EURO of the European citizens would have needed to prevent from the start the ruinous competition for low salaries and social standards in the Euro zone. In principle, this is what founding nations of the Euro had agreed upon. But especially Germany breached this agreement massively right away. The deregulation of the labor force – legalizing temporary employment, labour leasing, mini-jobs on 400 Euro basis, the breakup of the job dismissal protection – has lowered the relative unit labor costs and has given the German export industries an advantages. For example, this made German cars cheaper in Italy and France, which pre-programmed the decline of the Italian and French automobile industries. The competition for lower corporate taxes has similar consequences. The capital flows towards places with the lowest taxes and environmental restrictions. This is the way that the multinational companies are playing nations against nations and cities against cities. Such a ruinous mutual outmaneuvering in a common currency zone impoverishes the society as a whole, and enriches the multinationals. And on top of it, democracy is sacrificed according to the wish of the investors.

The EURO of the European citizens would also need a different European Central reserve bank. The US-Fed for example does finance its state directly. The European Central Bank is not allowed to do this. Instead, it is giving out cheap loans (right now with an interest rate of around 0,25%) to private banks. And these pass on the loans to the governments of the Euro zone with average interest rates between 3 and 6% - a financing scheme for private banks that is worth billions! More and more Euro-states are thus entangled in a debt trap and are turning into lasting financiers for the global banking multis of the world without any realistic hope for a lasting debt relief.

A EURO of the European citizens was obviously not desirable.

It is not the EURO per se that is the evil. But political decisions, two of which are discussed here, have turned the Euro into an instrument that makes Europe a victim of banks and big multinationals, which become richer and more powerful while individual people are becoming poorer and increasingly powerless.

Whoever ignores these facts empowers nationalists and racists!

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