„Who is saving whom?" premieres on February 11, 2015! It will be celebrated in many European cities on the very same day! With this we also want to toast you all, who accompanied us so continuously/perseveringly since 2012! It will be a real European celebration. Versions of the film in German, Spanish, Greek, French, English and Italian are fixed/confirmed.

You can plan and prepare for this big day of action already now - together with us! All who helped to make this film a reality will receive a DVD in due time so that everyone can/should host his/her non-commercial premiere. Cinemas should be approached early. We can assist the arrangements. Look at this map to see if an event is scheduled at a place near you yet. 

And another important date we would like to call your attention to:

The Public Eye, which takes a critical look at/casts a critical eye on the business conduct of companies, will, after 15 years of successful naming & shaming, award its last prize, the „Public Eye Lifetime Award", in Davos on January 23, 2015. This time the nominees are companies, that have already received the „ultimate naming&shaming prize" in the past. Also Goldmann Sachs is on the list again. 2013 they received the Public Eye Jury Award for their contribution to the Eurozone crisis. In our opinion G.S. deserves this „award", because until today they extract exorbitant profit from the so called financial crisis they contributed to.

The Spanish minister of finance for example says that Spain would be better off now and investors would have confidence again. If investment banks like Goldmann Sachs are again among the first to grab real estate cheaply, it's clear what that means: They will sell and privatise there where society's weakest are especially affected: housing, health, education. The Spanish state won't make it difficult for investors, because paying off debt is priority, regardless of the well-being of its own citizens.

Till February 22, 2015 it is possible to vote for the Public Eye Lifetime Award.

At this point we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our supporters. Because again with your help we succeeded in putting together an independent documentary that elucidates, stimulates discussion and hopefully also brings change to society.

Best regards from your Who's-Saving-Whom-Filmteam.
Leslie Franke, Herdolor Lorenz, Lissi Dobbler