Our documentary filming receives a great honor

The film previous to our present project, the film „Water Makes Money“ is to receive the Kant-World Citizen Prize 2014! During a festive ceremony on Europe-Day, the 9th of May 2014 in the auditorium of the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, tribute will be paid to „Water Makes Money“ as an „ excellent example of strategically and structurally important critical education, benefiting a self-determined Europe”, as “... a remarkable success of Democracy in Europe”

Legal action against „Water Makes Money“ is finally terminated

On the 28th of March 2013 the legal action of the Veolia group of companies against „Water Makes Money“ was rejected by the criminal court of justice in Paris. Now Veolia has finally waived its right to an appeal hearing. The film can therefore continue to lable “corruption” as corruption in all the world. Only in France will it be required to delete the statement of Jean-Luc Touly that he had been offered one Million Euro. We have thus escaped the sword of Damocles of an endless series of appeal hearings against a Billionaire group of companies, hanging over our heads!

Strengthened and with our head held up high

we dedicate ourselves thus to the present public information film “Who's saving whom? The crisis as a business model”! Some pertinent figures: The five largest US-Banks have combined total assets of about 6.3 Billion Euro, which is 1.9 Billion more than in mid 2007. Another main trigger for the financial crisis, the market for derivatives – i.e. for bets, has grown from 586 Billion Dollars to almost 633 Billion Dollars. In 2007 about 97% of the trading in the Euro consisted of derivatives. Today it is 98% - just 2% remains for the real trading in the currency!

A big step forward

In the financing of the film since our last newsletter, we have achieved much –But It is crucial that the 130,000€ „contributions from the bottom up“ and the 30,000€ from the organizations (that means in total 160,000€) be achieved. Only then will the official film funding help us fully as national co-financing.

  • Spread the call „who's saving whom?“
  • If you have contacts to the media initiate a report on the project.

We don't need so much more. The “contributions from the bottom up” can be achieved!

Greetings from the Who's saving Whom film team Leslie Franke und Herdolor Lorenz.